• Grady Mosley
    Grady Mosley Senior Pastor
  • Alissa Rothschild
    Alissa Rothschild Executive Pastor
  • Garrett Bearden
    Garrett Bearden Director of Youth Ministries
  • Laree Zant
    Laree Zant Preschool Director
  • Reverend Debbie Britt
    Reverend Debbie Britt Director of Children's Ministry
  • Kathleen Bryant
    Kathleen Bryant Director of Traditional Music Ministry
  • Randy Gober
    Randy Gober Casual Worship Service Leader
  • Jackson Mitchell
    Jackson Mitchell Pianist
    • Butch Thompson
      Butch Thompson Facility Manager
    • Debbie Watkins
      Debbie Watkins Church Secretary
    • Maragret Ligon
      Maragret Ligon Director of Adult Spiritual Growth
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