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  Join Grady and Deborah Mosley on a once-in-a-lifetime “Best of the Holy Land,” June 6-18, 2022. The trip includes tickets to the Oberammergua Passion Play, a passion play that has been performed every 10 years since 1634 by the inhabitants of the village of Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany. Tickets to the Passion Play are limited […]

2021-1-3 “Building a House” Luke 6:46-49

Rev. Grady Mosley’s sermon: “Building a House” Scripture: Luke 6:46-49 Rev. Mosley uses Luke 6:46-49 to explore Jesus’ promise of an unshakable life when we put His word into practice. 9 AM CASUAL WORSHIP SERVICE: 11 AM TRADITIONAL WORSHIP SERVICE:

2020-12-24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

There is a brief introduction at the beginning of the video explaining the flow of the service. May the digital service not replace any “holy moment” but simply allow a new experience to occur allowing Christ in our homes and our hearts. And remember, “It is never the place, but rather the presence of Christ […]

2021 Flower Calendar

The 2020 Flower Calendar is available on the church’s website for you to sign up to provide altar flowers. This is also a great opportunity to provide flowers for the Flower Share Ministry.  You may also call the Church office to sign up. 706-342-3325. Here is the link: 2021 Flower Calendar.  

2020-12-13 “Faith In Action” Luke 1 and 2

  Rev. Grady Mosley “Faith in Action” Scripture: Luke 1 and 2 When God speaks to us, we decide how we will respond. God says the same words to all of us that He spoke to four individuals involving the birth of Christ: “Do Not Be Afraid.” 9 AM Casual Worship Service 11 AM Traditional […]

2020-12-6 “Realign” Isaiah 64:1-9

Sermon by Rev. Grady Mosley: “Realign” Isaiah 64:1-9 Communion and Candlelight “Unprecedented times call for unprecedented moments.” Madison First UMC’s worship services were Christmas Eve style with Christmas music as well as communion. Come and adore Christ the Lord. Sunday’s Sermon speaks to what effect would it have on our lives if we actually lived […]