Welcome to Madison First United Methodist Church!

Building Relationships…No Place Like Home

Before we allow Summer to blow past us, what about intentionally pausing to take stock of those relationships so dear to us. Through the end of July, the sermon series will “No Place…Like Home for Building Relationships”. King David from the Old Testament will be our spotlight as we unfold what it takes in being faithful, establishing foundations to build relationships, building a spiritual home, dealing with grief, the importance of a soul friend, and leaving a legacy. Relationships are like houses as our theme verse Hebrews 3:4 infers, “Every house(relationship) is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.”

Casual Worship Service
9:00 AM

Held in the Wesley Building, this worship service is casual in dress and atmosphere, with regular seating and table seating for families. The Coffee Team provides free coffee and tea each week (which you are welcome to bring with you into service). Read more…

Sunday School
10:00 AM

We offer a wide variety of Sunday School Classes each Sunday – and you are welcome to join in anytime. Click here for more information about our Sunday School Classes. A nursery is provided during this time as are KIDZ Grow Sunday School classes and a Madison Student Sunday School class. Read More…

Traditional Worship Service
11:00 AM

Held in the Asbury Building, this worship service is presented in the traditional United Methodist style including elements such as the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, and the singing of the Doxology. This service is more formal in dress and atmosphere. Read More…