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Sticks and Stones

August 4 – September 8, 2019

We know the rhyme. We also know it’s not true: words and actions do hurt. And there is no place it hurts deeper than home.  Seems an appropriate time to do a bit of damage repair but one problem always arises: we are not sure we want to talk about it.

This series will speak a word of God’s grace into your and others’ lives, provide an opportunity for Christ to take our wounds and hurts to heal them, and maybe even replace the pain with His peace that Scripture says can go beyond all understanding. What if we could make it to a place where the fruit of hope, joy, and kindness would saturate our lives so our hearts, minds, and spirits could be delivered from those scars?

Looking to get plugged in this Fall?

Our Fall Program Guides are out with over 20 different Bible Studies, small groups, recreational and support groups available to you.

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Casual Worship Service
9:00 AM

Held in the Wesley Building, this worship service is casual in dress and atmosphere, with regular seating and table seating for families. The Coffee Team provides free coffee and tea each week (which you are welcome to bring with you into service). Read more…

Sunday School
10:00 AM

We offer a wide variety of Sunday School Classes each Sunday – and you are welcome to join in anytime. Click here for more information about our Sunday School Classes. A nursery is provided during this time as are KIDZ Grow Sunday School classes and a Madison Student Sunday School class. Read More…

Traditional Worship Service
11:00 AM

Held in the Asbury Building, this worship service is presented in the traditional United Methodist style including elements such as the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostles’ Creed, and the singing of the Doxology. This service is more formal in dress and atmosphere. Read More…