Intercessory Prayer is simply praying on behalf of others. The Intercessory Prayer Ministry at Madison First UMC is a team of people (Pray-ers) that commit to pray for those on the prayer list and to write them notes of encouragement. So many people who have been on the prayer list write to tell us how much the prayers and notes meant to them in their time of need. We know that God hears our prayers. The mission of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to bring to God, through Jesus Christ, the concerns of our congregation, our city, our community and the world by the prayers of individuals and groups. The prayer warriors are everyday men and women much like you. Most pray alone. Some pray as couples. Some pray as entire families. The volunteers range in age from preschool to ninety-two.

Anyone is welcome to join the IPM team. You can participate in the Prayer Ministry from home or you can go to the Prayer Room (The Chapel in the Epworth Building) to pray and write notes. IPM stationary is provided in the prayer room, or you can pick some up in the church office or outside the sanctuary/worship center to use at home. Every Sunday night, an updated prayer list will be sent out via email to the IPM team. Urgent updates will be sent during the week via email. We have found that setting a dedicated time each week in your own schedule to pray and encourage those on the list works well.

To believe that our praying makes a difference, and to pray even when it seems that we cannot act is to link ourselves with Christ in His ongoing intercession; since “He always lives to make intercession for us.”

Testimonials about our Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Until you have been on the receiving end, you cannot imagine the lift and encouragement this ministry brings.

I keep all of the notes I have received on a table beside my easy chair. I read them most days since they remind me that God is great and that there are good people who wish me well. I am not living with cancer; I am living with Jesus Christ….

Your words have encouraged me more than you can realize and have brought calm to my storm. Thank you so very much for holding my broken heart up to the Lord and filling the broken spaces with reminders of how much God loves us.

Our son is overcome by the love, prayers, cards, notes, and support that have come from your prayer group — from people who don’t even know him but who care so much for him ….